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Bumble and the The Beez – The Room Above-7"-(ultra rare 80s 7")


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  1. http://www.discogs.com/Bumble-The-Beez-The-Room-Above/release/2167558..otro marciano hit

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    Weirdos 'Bumble and the Beez' were formed in January 1981 in London with Michael Riley (ex-Steel Pulse and Headline) - vocals/ percussion and Winston Blissett (ex-Headline) on bass. With the addition of Dan Lee (rhythm guitar), Nick Page (lead guitar) and Simon Walker (violin/ keyboards) Bumble and the Beez began to rehearse and rehearse and look for a drummer. The long search ended when no 'free style' drummer could be found to compliment the music so the band decided to go ahead without a drummer, leaving the rhythm section to Michael Riley on percussion and Simon Walker on violin.

    Siouxsie and the Banshees heard a demo tape and gave Bumble and the Beez their very first gig at Hammersmith Palais in February fronting 'hard core Banshees fans'. The reaction was amazing and the experiment 'worked'.

    With determination and strong belief, Bumble and the Beez started to gig around the London club circuits attracting the attention and the curiosity of the record companies and the public, the essence of Bumble and the Beez's music being the contents of the lyrics and particularly the different approach to contemporary sound.

    EMI Records signed the band on a long term deal in August 1981 and a single is to be released early October entitled 'Fools'.